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​How do I

place an order?

OK, so you want to buy our unique fantastic product but are not sure how to purchase it. Well, there are two methods of purchasing Keltic Mist from us.  To purchase from us, you can email us telling us what type of product or products you want and how many of these you wish to purchase. Then we create an invoice and send it to an email address supplied by you or the one that you have already contacted us with. After receiving the email, you click the link in the email, the email will tell you your total payment and a review of what you requested. Once you look over it and click "Pay Invoice" you will be transferred to a secure website which you can pay with your credit or debit card. Once paid, your order will be shipped that day. We believe this is the best and most suitable method of purchase. The second and other method of purchasing is to visit our Amazon page. However, there is a very small limit to the amount of products we can sell on Amazon which is partly why our website is by far the BEST and MOST SECURE way to buy from us.



& Shipping

As mentioned above, you can pay for your purchases through our website via Invoice or through Amazon. Once paid for, your order will be dispatched within 24 hours. In the UK & Ireland your order should be with you inside 3-4 working days. For International delivery please allow 7-10 working days.


Secure Ordering

& Payment Options

We can guarantee that your details will be kept secure. Amazon is also secure. We would not set up payment methods that would be of any risk to our customers. That is why we use both Amazon and email invoices. 




Keltic Mist do NOT offer returns or refunds. This is because our products are guaranteed to work 100% of the time. This is why we also include a FREE Oral Testing Kit for you to test the product out for yourselves to PROVE it works.

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