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Information of our Products

Keltic Mist is a mixture of organically grown herbs and Irish spring water that is derived from the fresh mineral rich mountain springs off the west coast of Ireland. Incorporated into the mixture are special detoxing salts. The product has been proven to COMPLETELY cleanse the mouth cavity of ALL traces of RESIDUE from anything you SMOKE, SWALLOW or BREATHE. 100% guaranteed!
REMEMBER: There is enough spray in each bottle to allow you to pass 6 separate saliva drug tests!

Comes with a Saliva Test Kit for presence of UNWANTED RESIDUES worth £8-00. 
There are 3 buying options as shown below: Please go to SEE OTHER ITEMS to order.

(Each option comes with a FREE Testing Kit worth £8.00)
Option (1) 1 x 10ml bottle Keltic Mist: £34.99
Option (2) 2 x 10ml bottles Keltic Mist: £54.99
Option (3) 3 x 10ml bottles Keltic Mist: £69.99 (This option is best if you can get 2 of your friends to contribute. This way will give all 3 of you an INSURANCE POLICY.

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